The Project Fibonacci Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization registered in New York, has announced plans to bring a fully-operational STEAM center to downtown Rome by early 2023.

Project Fibonacci
Project Fibonacci

The Multiversity of Science, Art and Technology or MOSART, will be part interactive exhibition center, a local venue for special community and guest speaker events and a hub for local STEAM education programs.

The foundation’s board is raising funds for the project and is seeking community support.

Through grants, private donations and corporate donations, the foundation hopes to raise $1 million this calendar year.

“This is a chance for community members and stakeholders to step up and positively influence our future and build on the shoulders of its citizen youth for generations to come,” said Foundation Chairman Andrew Drozd.

The funds would cover facility acquisition, first-year operating expenses and job creation.

Four to six new jobs are expected to be created initially

Drozd believes that the Mohawk Valley community benefits from an energetic, forward thinking youth culture centered on science, art and technology looking ahead to consider what future generations will inherit.

“Rather than an image of a retirement village, we must expand our youth workforce and shore up the local youth talent pool by guiding and developing career opportunities,” said Drozd

MOSART will also host the annual STEAM conference activities.

The conference, delayed by the recent pandemic, brings over 100 regional and statewide students to Rome for one week to tackle important socio-techno-economic issues.

The 2023 conference theme is sustainability and climate change adaptation.

The tentative 2024 theme will focus on medicine and technology.

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