Imagine being trapped on a broken chairlift for hours. It happened at one New York Mountain when the temperatures were near the single digits.

The ski lift at Song Mountain in Tully, New York malfunctioned on Sunday, February 6, leaving 100 skiers stranded for two hours, not 200 as initially reported. All were stuck in chilly weather. Temps were in the mid-20s but the nearly 30 MPH winds made it feel closer to single digits. Several skiers reported suffering frostbite in the cold weather.

“We had an issue with one of the chairlifts, and we evacuated everyone off safely, and the ski patrol did a great job, and everyone is down and safe, and a little chilly but were happy that it all worked exactly to plan,” Song Mountain owner Peter Harris told

What caused the chairlift to malfunction?

“Most likely it was a swinging chair and once that happened the lift shut itself off exactly like it is supposed to. We still don’t know if that is exactly what happened but that is what we came to infer.”

Ski patrol personnel worked with local firefighters to help lower skiers down with ropes and harnesses.

Repairs were made on the broken lift Monday when the ski hill was closed. It was back in operation on Tuesday when the Mountain reopened.

Elk Mountain Rescue

A week before the lift broke at Song Mountain, 200 skiers had to be rescued after one malfunctioned at Elk Mountain Ski Resort in the Endless Mountains. Resort officials say there were no injuries and everyone who was left stranded on the broken lift was given a  refund.

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