Looking for a way to add a little fear into your drive this fall? There are plenty of places to check out all over New York state.

Here's just 5 of the scariest, haunted, and down right paranormal places to check out in New York.

1) Big Moose Lake In The Adirondacks

Take a trip to the North Country this fall and check out beautiful colors, and of course, scary sites. The Murder Of Grace Brown, also know as the Great America Tragedy, took place in 1906 on the lake, and around that area. Legend has it you can hear her screams, and drowning on the lake.


2) Albany’s Haunted Thurlow Terrace Mansion

Since 1892, the Thurlow Terrace Mansion of Albany has been catching the eye of all New Yorkers. Fans of the paranormal may recognize the castle as one of Albany’s top paranormal spots. In his book “Albany Architecture: A Guide to the City“ Matthew Bender writes about one boy dying from asphyxiation soon after moving into the castle due to a faulty gas fixture back in the home in 1904. Rumor has it, his ghost is still on the grounds of the castle. The ghost is reported to spend time in the upper tower.


3) Capitol Theater of Rome

The Capitol Theater in Rome is well known to be haunted with reports that include spotting the spirit of a man who is reported to be a former projectionist. There are also reports that a former actor haunts the stage, as well as a ghost cat that has been spotted wandering around.


4) New York’s Governor’s Mansion

In a recent article from the AP, an important topic was discussed: Whether or not New York’s governor’s mansion is haunted. Granted, it’s always haunted with politicians. However, many reports confirm that the mansion in Albany has other guests inside too.


5) The Collinwood Inn In Oneida aka The Farnam Mansion

The former Inn in Oneida has been the host of several paranormal investigations. Several shadow figures have been seen near the main parlor area. Unexplained footsteps and voices have been heard coming from the bedroom, a light anomaly on the second floor, and numerous intelligent responses via a PX device and voice recorders have been heard.


6) The Hulbert House

Back in 1812 in Boonville, the Hulbert House was built. Since then, it has been active as an inn, and was at one time one of the most well-known places to stay in the region. The inn is apparently haunted by a spirit who goes by the name of Wayne and appears dressed in a Civil War uniform. Also guests report hearing the sound of children playing on the upper floors when there are no kids in the building.


7) The Oriskany Battlefield in Oriskany

Have you ever been over to the Oriskany Battlefield in Oriskany? Have you ever felt chills inside like something was following you, or after you? Do you believe it’s haunted? It's worth the drive to check out during the day.


8) The Van Auken's Inne- Old Forge

If you've traveled to Old Forge looking for paranormal experiences, the Van Auken's Inne is a must stop. They've hosted several paranormal investigations over the years, and many believe they have felt a spirits presence on site




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