During inclement weather, it's even more important to slow down when you see emergency lights in the roadway, as a New York motorist discovered today.

Fortunately, the officer was out of the vehicle when his patrol car was hit, and wasn't injured. The officer had his emergency lights activated to alert motorists of an accident in the roadway, but another vehicle failed to slow down and ended up hitting the trooper's cruiser.

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"Please slow down and move over for emergency vehicles. The emergency lights are activated to alert drivers to a preexisting problem in the roadway. In this case the Trooper was out of the vehicle assisting a motorist with an earlier crash. Luckily no one was hurt. We want everyone to get to their destination safely."

It's the law to move over when you approach an emergency vehicle, but this time of year it's also important to realize that those lights are letting you know there's an emergency.

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