Another round of police reforms that have been requested by the people of New York State has just started to be implemented.

According to a report by WKBW, the New York State Police have just started to deploy body cameras for its complement of law enforcement officers that are charged with keeping the people of New York safe from crime.

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Last summer the New York State Legislature passed a new law requiring State troopers to begin wearing body cameras while on patrol and when interacting what the public. The State Police has just started to phase in the use of those cameras.

Under the law, State Troopers are required to record video immediately before an officer exits a patrol vehicle to interact with a person or situation; for all uses of force, arrests and summonses; all interactions with individuals suspected of criminal activity; all searches of persons and property; any call to a crime in progress; any investigative actions involving interactions with members of the public; any interaction with an emotionally disturbed person; and any instances where an officer feels any imminent danger or the need to document their time on duty. The cameras will automatically start recording whenever a patrol vehicle's emergency lighting is activated, and anytime a member unholsters his or her firearm or taser
-Press Release from Governor Andrew Cuomo

The cameras will be issued to state police Troop G first and will be subsequently deployed to the other troops throughout the summer; Troop A, which covers the Buffalo area, should have its cameras should by the end of the summer. The cameras should be fully distributed by the end of the year.

Years of police misconduct and excessive, oftentimes lethal, force in Black and Brown communities show that up till now the tools we used to address this issue within law enforcement agencies have been woefully inadequate. After the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and far too many others, America came out to say enough is enough and demand real change. Establishing the law enforcement misconduct investigative office within the state attorney general's office will require police misconduct investigations to be led by an independent, impartial body rather than by local prosecutors. This shift will bring much needed transparency and accountability to law enforcement agencies throughout New York, creating a safer and more just system for all of us.
-Al Taylor, Member of the New York State Assembly

The New York State Police has deployed its first body-worn cameras as the agency’s new program begins its statewide...

Posted by New York State Police on Thursday, April 1, 2021

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