Take part in Utica New York's Juneteenth celebration with the 3rd Annual Run Against Racism.

This year's event will be a live event on Saturday June 18th at Kemble Park in Utica. There will be a kids run at 8:30am, and the 5K run/walk will begin at 9am. In addition to the live event, they are also offering a virtual option for people to participate who cannot attend.

Education, relationship building, openness and exploration of the communities around us can lead to understanding and to combat racism. The Utica Roadrunners have created a route throughout the heart of Utica for members and friends to run/walk at their leisure as a way to jointly take a stand against racism and injustice.

Along the route, participants will learn about different places, people and events that celebrate the rich history of the City of Utica New York. Throughout the event, participants are encouraged to take and post photos and thoughts on what they have seen and learned along the route.

What Does It Cost To Participate? The event is free to run in, and free to participate.

If you are so moved to do so, donations raised will help support those businesses.

The first 200 participants to the live event get a free shirt. All kids participating also get a free shirt as well.

Boilermaker Breaking Barriers With New Access Program

The Access Program will target the local immigrant, refugee and underserved communities.

The program will provide a select number of first-time runners with a complimentary entry into any of this year’s Boilermaker events, including the 15K and 5K races through a partnership with Wolfspeed.

You can read more online here.

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