Bigfoot sightings have become more and more common in the Adirondack Park. In Whitehall New York, a recent sighting is raising eyebrows and questions.

Post Star reports that a driver witnessed a 6- to 6 ½-foot black creature off of Route 4 in Whitehall on Tuesday August 7th at around 10:10PM. Bigfoot investigator Paul Bartholomew confirms this area is a hotbed of Bigfoot sightings:

Bigfoot has been spotted here and there, although the recent spotting was only ½ mile away from the September 2006 sighting. Bigfoot sightings are so common in this area, the village of Whitehall announced Bigfoot as its official animal.

 “This is actually a very typical type of sighting,” Bartholomew explained. “It’s called a road crossing sighting.”"

The witness described the animal as a large, black outline with two legs, wide shoulders and a little to no neck. It was stepping over a guardrail.

“We are trying to see if anybody else had similar sightings,” he said. “… We try to document what’s going on here as thoroughly as possible. So now that the word is out there, when people have a sighting or strange smells that comes with it, they will know who to contact.”

A cast was created of a footprint from the sighting. This Bigfoot's feet measured at 10-12 inches long and possibly around 5 inches across. To contact Bartholomew on any Bigfoot sightings, you can email

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