A tractor trailer driver has been ticketed following a property damage accident in the Town of Kirkland that closed a portion of State Route 233.

The accident prompted a road closure on Route 233 from Old Bristol Road to Route 5 Tuesday due to the tractor trailer accident and subsequent clean up, according to Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol. Maciol also says the this whole incident started with several individuals calling 911 to let them know about the tractor trailer driving erratically in on State Route 12b in the Town of Marshall.

Maciol says as the calls continued to come in a "Be On The Look Out" notice was given to local law enforcement agencies and eventually an Oneida County Sheriff's Deputy located the tractor trailer, put on his police lights and attempted to conduct a traffic stop. Eventually, the deputy says the driver of the tractor trailer, who was later identified as 32-year-old Torrance Anderson of Ohio, left the shoulder of Route 233. Officials say upon his exit from the roadway Anderson struck the guide rail and several trees before finally coming to a complete stop.

Maciol says luckily there were no injuries to the driver or anyone else in the surrounding area, however Anderson was ticketed for unreasonable speed and failure to keep right. Anderson will have to return to Kirkland Town Court at a later date to answer the citations. The portion of Route 233 between Old Bristol and Route 5 was closed for roughly an hour and a half due to guide rail repairs and fluid cleanup, according to officials. The Oneida County Sheriff's Office wants to thank the members of the Kirkland Fire Department, Clinton Collision, New York State DOT and the New York State Police who all assisted at the scene.

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