There's never been a rumor I wanted to be true more than this one - and that's saying something, because I once heard I was a secret millionaire.

Let me preface this by saying: all we've heard are rumors - LOTS of rumors. But where there's smoke, there's usually fire - right?

I keep hearing that Sonic is coming to Yorkville - near the bowling alley on Oriskany Boulevard. The rumors are even more detailed - that perhaps the Sonic didn't get approved the first time around, but this time it did.

Look, I love all of our local restaurants - but Sonic, dear LAWD, I love Sonic. In fact I've shared my love of Sonic, and even tried to make a case for why we need one here in the Utica area. Please please please let this be true: Sonic is coming to Yorkville.

(If you're wondering what's being built across from Voss's, by the way, we have it from a reliable source that it's going to be a Mediterranean restaurant, slated for a fall opening.)

This isn't even the first time this rumor has made it's way around...last time (in 2013) it was paired with the rumor that Chipotle might be headed to New Hartford, and we all know how that turned out: WE HAVE A CHIPOTLE.

Please, let this one be true. And I'd would also like to be a secret millionaire, too.


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