Although we're in Buffalo and we LOVE the Buffalo Bills, there are other teams in the National Football League.  Among the rest of the teams, the Pittsburgh Steelers seems to have the most fans of any other team who reside outside of Pittsburgh.  I'm certain there are many many Steelers fans right here in Buffalo, so I thought I'd share my experience with you beyond visiting the Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp over the weekend.

Before you check out the pics I took, I need to tell you about the Steelers Team and Players I saw training first hand.  Based on what I saw, the Steelers are healthier than EVER.   I  mainly noticed Ju Ju Smith Schuster.  The team is a young team and the Full Contact scrimmage I saw was eye-opening in terms of talent.

Ultimately, my Pittsburgh training Camp experience was GREAT!  The event indeed a complete Family Friendly event with a whole gambit of activities for young people.  The experience was phenomenal.

Pittsburgh Training Camp 2019 Photo Gallery:

Pittsburgh Training Camp 2019

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