Thursday was a beautiful day in the town of Marcy. Amanda Jurkowski, a stay-at-home mom, wanted to take advantage of the nice weather, and took her kids to the Marcy Town Park to let out a little bit of their energy. She had no idea that her son's day was going to get so much more exciting.

"We were playing at the Marcy Town Park and a sheriff's car pulled in," said Jurkowski, who was there with her three-year-old son, Jakub and her one-year-old daughter, Juliette.  "I honestly thought we were going to get in trouble and that he was going to say something like 'where's your mask' or maybe how we weren't allowed to be here."

Instead, Officer Curtis Morgan from the Oneida Co. Sheriff’s Community Affairs Unit made Jakub's day.

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"He came out of the car and asked how we were doing. He said he was pulling in (to the park) to turn around but saw there were some kids playing."

Officer Morgan then asked the kids if they wanted to be Junior Sheriffs, giving them a badge to show off the special honor.

"Jakub was so excited. He told him he wants to be a police man when he grows up. Officer Morgan then asked him (Jakub) if he wanted him to turn on the lights and sirens when he drove away. Of course he said 'Wow, yeah!' Juliette still being so little had no idea what has going on."

According to Amanda, Jakub couldn't stop talking about the "police man" all day, and she's really thankful for officers in the community who take the time to speak to and acknowledge today's youth.

"Jakub has a new hero."

A big thank you is in order for Officer Morgan, and any members of the law who can take a minute to make a memorable moment for a child.

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