It's not the long-term, significant break at the gas pump that drivers in the Utica-Rome are seeking but some relief is on the way.

The Oneida County Board of Legislators voted unanimously on Thursday afternoon to cap it's portion of sales tax on gasoline (4.75%) at the first three-dollars a gallon on regular, mid, premium and diesel gas sales beginning later this year.

With the area's average price per gallon of regular unleaded fuel hovering around $4.25, motorists would save about six-cents per gallon, County Executive Anthony Picente's office said. However, the savings will be combined with New York State's partial suspension of its gas tax collection - projected to save drivers about 16 cents or more per gallon at today's average price - would amount to a savings of about 22-cents or per gallon.

“Skyrocketing inflation is having a devastating impact on the budgets of working families throughout Oneida County,” Picente said. “According to the Consumer Price Index, increases of gasoline, shelter and food were the biggest drivers of inflation in March, with gasoline accounting for more than half of that surge. Our residents need help. I applaud the Board of Legislators for acting swiftly on this resolution so that we can provide them some much-needed relief.”

Keep in mind, that projected saving mentioned above are based on today's current average price. Gas typically increases in a normal year during the summer driving season as special 'summer blend' mixtures - which are less harmful to the environment - hit the market.

Also, turbulence caused by the war in Ukraine makes future prices and potential savings uncertain.

Both the New York State and Oneida County tax-caps take effect on June 1.

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