It's not uncommon to see a wild bird that unfortunately died by the road or on a sidewalk. But don't just walk by them.  The DEC is asking that you report them.

How many times have you seen a bird that has unfortunately just passed on around your house?  It could have died from anything including your cat or other birds, but The Department of Environmental Conservation is concerned about something else that is taking birds out across New York State.

They're saying that the avian flu is now showing up in birds all across the state including in the Finger Lakes region.  They've found it in 4 flocks of birds including snow geese and wild ducks.

Unfortunately, they can be infected and show no signs.  Then when they migrate, they spread it around.  It's already shown up in 17 states and is affecting birds across the country.  They're trying to make sure it doesn't spread out of control in New York State.

If you've ever wondered why wings are so expensive, the avian flu (highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI)) is part of the reason. It's been showing up in birds all over the country.  There were 8 detection reports already this year and that led to the loss of over 10,000 birds.  That led to the banning of fowl auctions, sales, meets, and swaps until further notice. Fewer birds, fewer wings, price goes up...

“Avian influenza continues to be a growing and serious threat to all poultry and breeds of fowl in the United States, including New York. This order is an important step to further limit the co-mingling of birds in our state, which will help to slow the spread of this disease, keep our birds healthy, and safeguard our poultry industry. Commonsense steps like these are our best line of defense against this disease.” - Commissioner Richard Ball

To report sick birds, unexplained high number of deaths, or sudden drop in egg production if you own chickens or other fowl, they ask that you please contact the Department’s Division of Animal Industry at (518) 457-3502 or the USDA at (866) 536-7593.

If you find a dead bird here in Buffalo, report it to the Buffalo regional DEC office at 716-851-7010.

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