For many chefs, just getting on Food Network is a chance to boost their career. This chance for one New Yorker potentially could do a whole lot more.

The New Yorker we're mentioning is Phillip Tomasso, who already has a pretty incredible story if he were never to make it to a competition show on the Food Network. Tomasso actually owns a restaurant that used to be owned by a former contestant on the Food Network. That certainly helped him out a little getting a pretty big opportunity.

The bakeshop he owns, named Something Delicious, already is on the network's radar for the reason mentioned above. Now, a new show called Guy Fieri's Chance Of A Lifetime is coming and Tomasso has a chance to make that opportunity his.

So What Is The Prize For Winning The Show?

That is the really fun thing, it's owning a Guy Fieri restaurant. Fieri has franchises of restaurants called Chicken Guy and one of those locations will be going to the winner of the new series, wouldn't it be cool if it was one of New York's own? Tomasso currently owns a bakeshop in Rochester, and here is what he said about nearly missing the call to go on the show.

“So, I applied, and I didn’t hear anything, and still didn’t hear anything, and then I realized my voicemail box was full, and I had missed a call from two weeks prior that I had been chosen to go on the next selection round, and I got a big huge text message saying ‘Phil you need to get back to us right now, we really want you,’ and I was like ‘Oh my God, I did it!'” - Phillip Tomasso / Rochester First

Where To Watch It

Currently, if you have Discovery Plus, you can start watching the show. The finale for the new show is set for February 6th. Shows will be dropped on that platform weekly until that time.

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