A Northern New York firetruck literally lost its wheels on the way to a call, and the pictures and video are unbelievable.

Kerri Wells, of Ogdensburg, was enjoying a quiet day at the library when she says she heard a "loud bang." She rushed outside and couldn't believe what was before her eyes: a firetruck from Ogdensburg's fire department had lost its wheels. Literally.


Kerri quickly snapped some photos and video. In it, you can see puzzled firemen walking around the vehicle - which likely weighs upwards of 30,000 pounds. The rear axle of the truck lies several feet from the truck, on the grass. The rear end of the truck is resting directly on the ground. Kerri says the firefighters told her they were on their way to a methamphetamine bust when the accident occurred.

Fortunately, no one was injured.

Credit: Kerri Wells
Credit: Kerri Wells

Later, a huge tow truck had to be called in to remove the disabled truck from the roadway.

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