New York state is known for its abundance of diverse natural beauty. When it comes to mountains, the Empire State certainly has some of the best peaks and ranges in the eastern part of the United States.

Three major mountain ranges span the state; the Adirondacks, the Catskills, and also a portion of the Appalachian Mountains. This offers many locations for a variety of outdoor activities. Though if you're looking for the state's highest peaks, it can be a daunting journey. Where to start?

So, what is the highest peak in all of New York state?

Mount Marcy (elevation 5,344 feet)

Mount Marcy is the highest peak in all of New York state at 5,344 feet. The mountain is located in the Adirondack High Peaks in Essex County, near the town of Keane, NY. Lake Tear of the Clouds is often cited as the highest source of the Hudson River. The peak was named after former New York Governor William L. Marcy.

Anthony Wright/Results Radio
Anthony Wright/Results Radio

Many trails are rough to travel and can be quite steep and challenging. Snow covers the mountain from October until as late as May.

Some even say its weather can be almost as windy and severe as Mount Washington in New Hampshire. This unlucky group had to be rescued by rangers last Thanksgiving. Still, tens of thousands of visitors still flock to the mountain during the summer months.

The Area's Historical Significance 

Vice President Theodore Roosevelt was hiking Mount Marcy in 1901 when he learned that President William McKinley's health was deteriorating, after being shot a week earlier. He would later take a stagecoach to North Creek, where there was a train station. At some point on the way, he learned that the President had died. Quite the historical moment.

If you travel to Mount Marcy, you're going to want to know what you're doing and come prepared.

Follow the trails and instructions, and dress accordingly. Also, be mindful of many of the rangers and nature wardens in the area, who are there to protect the landscape and vegetation. Years of human intervention have caused much damage to parts of the ecosystem of the mountain.

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