Our New York State troopers are busy men and women. And this story involves one of them from just northwest of Syracuse.

Police work is tough enough under normal circumstances. But now, with COVID-19 and escalating racial tensions, the degree of dificulty is over the top. Law enforcement officials have their work cut out for them. So, it's especially sweet when we get a good news story.

Trooper Thomas Suszynski, working in Wayne County (the original stomping grounds of legendary Orange basketball coach Jim Boeheim), was dealing with a vehicular issue in Ontario, New York when his quick-thinking instincts kicked in.

Here's the official story from the New York State Police Facebook page:

While having a vehicle stopped for a traffic infraction on St-104 in Ontario, Trooper Thomas Suszynski observes a large dog running in the roadway. Trooper Suszynski immediately let the violator go and ran into both lanes of St-104 and was able to gain control of 'Sadie,' the 11 year old Saint Bernard. The owner was then contacted and returned to her safely.

The story has generated over 200 comments and it's been shared hundreds of times. To see all the comments, just click on the story.

And let's face it: dogs don't get much cuter than Sadie the St. Bernard, who looks curiously unimpressed by Trooper Suszynski's heroic deed. Maybe someone was tempting her with a tempting snack just out of the shot.

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