This begins a series of articles which will spotlight many, if not all, of the counties in Upstate New York.

These articles are meant to tempt you out of your chair and into your car for a summer road trip.  There is so much to see in our many counties, so use these articles as a "thumbnail" trip ticket to great adventures.

We begin in the heart of Central New York in beautiful Chenango County.  This is an extremely large county (900 square miles) with a very small population.  In fact, with less than 50,000 residents total in the county, Chenango is one of the least populated counties in Upstate New York.

The county seat is Norwich and there are many other smaller, beautiful, and historic communities in the county including Oxford, Bainbridge, New Berlin, Edmeston, Sherburne, and others.

The county is rich in history (as you will see in the article below) and has some surprising facts to it.  Like being the "birthplace of Pepto-Bismol," the birthplace of Elmer's Glue, and of once being the Hammer Capital of the World.  Also, several of the Gilded Age millionaire mansions in New York City availed themselves of Oxford's world-famous natural blue stone in their design.

We hope you enjoy these spotlights on Upstate counties.  Many of the entries have links to the websites of the featured place, and we hope you will use these links when traveling to Chenango County because there are many great events, including concerts and festivals, which will pop up especially in the summer, and you won't want to miss any of them.

So...Destination Chenango County it is!

Upstate Road Trip! For Your Consideration: Chenango County!

This article begins a series of county spotlights which we will revisit in the months ahead. We hope to feature all of Upstate's 50 counties in this series. These articles are not meant to be exhaustive, in-depth looks at everything about a certain county. But rather a postcard post-it note album of a few of the highlights that each county has.

We start today in Central New York with beautiful Chenango County!

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