Today we again put another of Upstate New York's counties in the road trip spotlight.

Genesee County is located in Western New York.  It covers about 500 square miles and has a total population of 58,300.  The county seat, and largest city, is Batavia which has a population of 16,000 residents.

The county is beautiful, bountiful, and widely diverse.  This list of 12 stops on your road trip will reveal much about the county and its history.

Along with a stop here and there for a beer, a steak, or maybe even a glass of wine, you will also visit two of the most popular museums in the county.  The Holland Land Office Museum in Batavia is the very heart of this county's DNA.  It was here where thousands of acres of raw woodlands were divvied up for adventuring pioneers to own, build, and farm on.  It was one busy place in the early 1800s.  In fact, have you ever heard the expression "doing a land office business?"  It comes from this building!

And the wild and wonderful Jell-O Museum in LeRoy is one of the most fun museums you can visit anywhere in New York.  The museum tells the amazingly colorful story of Jell-O which was born in the village in 1897.  Through vintage advertising, interactive displays, and lots of Jell-O bric-a-brac, you will learn how this little box of flavored gelatin became the gold standard for all others of its kind.  Plus, the museum has one of the best gift shops ever!

We hope you will take a look at the items on this list and consider Genesee County for your summer road trip bucket list.  It has everything.  I mean everything!  From one of the oldest harness race tracks in the country to one of the most popular amusement parks in the Northeast.

All right here in beautiful Genesee County!

Upstate New York Road Trip: Destination Genesee County!

We continue our periodic spotlight of Upstate New York's counties with a 12-point visitor's list of things to do in this beautiful and historic region of the Empire State.

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This article begins a series of county spotlights which we will revisit in the months ahead. We hope to feature all of Upstate's 50 counties in this series. These articles are not meant to be exhaustive, in-depth looks at everything about a certain county. But rather a postcard post-it note album of a few of the highlights that each county has.

We start today in Central New York with beautiful Chenango County!


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