It is never fun to get pulled over and get a speeding or traffic ticket, but there are some towns and cities in New York that you want to avoid because they issue more tickets than normal.

According to the website these New York towns collected the most money from traffic tickets in 2021.

1. NEW YORK CITY - $16,071,511.952
2. TOWN OF SOUTHAMPTON - $3,071,511.953
3. TOWN OF GREENBURGH - $2,720,498.934
4. TOWN OF COLONIE - $2,717,038.695
5. TOWN OF AMHERST - $2,671,767.036
6. TOWN OF HARRISON - $2,661,917.807
7. TOWN OF WALLKILL - $2,652,805.158
8. TOWN OF EAST HAMPTON - $2,599,615.809
9. VILLAGE OF HEMPSTEAD - $2,569,089.0010
10. VILLAGE OF PORT CHESTER - $2,419,653.5411
11. TOWN OF TONAWANDA - $2,261,601.89

It is no shock that New York City would make most of the money from tickets since it has the most people but some of these other towns are but shocking to see them on the list.

Amherst makes the list since it does get a lot of money from speeding and other traffic tickets from people driving along the thurway. Some of these other towns also get additional money from traffic violations from Canadian residents who crossover the border for jobs and shopping and just pay the fine instead of fighting the ticket in court.

Most of the money comes from speeding tickets but there are other types of traffic tickets that produce money for these towns.

Other traffic tickets outside of speeding include running red lights/stop signs, distracted driving, driving without a license, leaving the scene of an accident, and reckless driving.

Besides fines, some of these infractions also add points to your license and that could lead to having your driving privileges revoked.

Of course just because you get issued a ticket that doesn't mean that you have to pay a fine right away. You can always contest the ticket and go to court and fight the infraction.

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