The excitement is building for the upcoming NFL season and the league will officially release every team's schedule on Thursday night during a TV special on the NFL Network at 8 pm.

Of course, all the teams already know the schedule and we are starting to get some leaks about what the Buffalo Bills' schedule could look like.

Here is what we know for sure: 

The Buffalo Bills will host the Tennessee Titans in week 2 on Monday Night Football with a 7:30 pm kickoff.


Here are some rumors about the Bills' Schedule: The Buffalo Bills will play on Thanksgiving Day against the Baltimore Ravens.  


The Buffalo Bills sent an email to season ticket homeowners earlier this week saying that they will announce the team's home opener on Thursday at 6 pm. Some people think that the email indicated that the Bills will be home in Week 1 while other people think that the email means that you will be able to buy tickets to the Monday Night Football game against Tennesse since that will be the home opener for the Bills.

More rumors will be coming up today and tomorrow before the official release tomorrow at 8 pm.

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