True story #1: I once drove into a grove of bamboo trees, because I mistook a path for the driveway to the parking lot of a restaurant in Jamaica. At least dinner was great.

True story #2: Driving across a parking lot on the way to an on-location broadcast, I ran head-on into a mini shopping cart at 4 AM and it wedged in the undercarriage of my car. Sweet accessory, dude.

Most of us have experienced an oddity with our automobiles which has caused others to ask How did your car wind up like THIS? The picture at the top of the page captured the end result of a New York State Thruway toll booth incident back in March of 2018.

But, when it comes to bizarre, some guy in Vermont likely has us all beat.

Frederick P. Brechter, from the Long Island town of Shelter Island, New York, is facing a drunken driving charge after he tried to drive up a ski mountain. On a snow-covered slope.

Police were called to Magic Mountain in Londonderry, Vermont just before 11 PM on a recent Friday night. Witnesses said the 59 year-old Brechter was trying to maneuver his Range Rover out of a parking lot and up one of the trails named...wait for it...Hocus Pocus.

The mountain was closed for the night, and a bartender at the resort’s Black Line Tavern had seen the vehicle climbing the slope, according to a local newspaper.

The New York man was intoxicated and failed field sobriety checks. Wasn’t the Range Rover incident enough of a sobriety test?

What strange occurrence has YOUR car experienced? Share with us.

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