A New York dad has become a pandemic hero to his daughters and 10 of their friends.

Forbes editor Randall Lane rented out a huge lakeside ski chalet at the foot of Hunter Mountain, then let his daughters, 13 and 16, invite 10 friends for a well-organized month-long summer camp. The activities included:

  • Tutored math lessons
  • Cooking competitions
  • Talent shows
  • Arts and crafts
  • Movie nights

Each girl’s family paid $2,000 for the camp fee. All attendees had to be COVID-free, they had to sign a code of conduct contract, and they had to agree to no cell phone or computer use, except on Sundays.

The math tutor Lane hired has a boyfriend who used to be an activities counselor at Ithaca College, so he was brought on as well to help organize games and activities for the girls.

There was a family-style dinner every night, where everyone engages in the age-old art of conversation. The menu featured a lot of salads and one food was in particularly high demand by the campers.

“I’ve never seen more avocados decimated. They go through like 10 a day,” Lane told The New York Post. And there was also another really big rule Lane insisted on.

“No boys allowed was the rule since the beginning,” Lane told The Post. “We have enough going on here.”

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