A New York bride needs to find a wedding date for her narcissistic mother-in-law and the hilarious ad she placed on Craigslist to find a man is going viral.

The woman from the Hudson Valley, who wishes to remain anonymous, is offering to pay a wedding date $1,000. From the looks of her Craiglist ad, the job won't be easy.

"She needs constant attention and supervision. She will probably wear white and try to escalate small dramas. Your job is simply to distract and de-escalate. Flatter her for 2 days and make an easy $1,000."

Sounds like the would-be date will have his hands full. And not just for one day either. The date will last from Friday evening to Saturday evening for the wedding happening in August in the Hudson Valley.

Interested daters are being asked to send a photo of themselves and a quick blurb indicating their interests and qualifications. "You will also need to be able to OK with us running a background check on you just for safety's sake."

Requirements for the two-day date are also listed in the ad.

-Good dancer
-Experience with narcissists a plus
-Able to pretend you happen to be a guest interested in sitting/dancing with mother-in-law
-Able to give her your undivided attention
-Ideally age range 40 - 60ish (she is 51, slim, attractive)
-Has own suit to wear

Background information, conversation topics will be provided before the wedding. The right guy for the job will also be given, food, travel expenses, and a hotel room. "Your own, of course."

From Wedding Date to Coffin, Strange Things You Find Online

If you are interested in buying, take a look at the photos. But FIRST- we included what we thought were the funniest comments from the Facebook post.

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