I have always thought it was really cool that Destiny USA had a high ropes course inside of it. I mean come on, it is definitely a unique way for kids and parents alike to have some fun.

Now there is a new kind of fun coming to Destiny USA this summer for kids. But not high ropes, it is an obstacle course!

According to Syracuse.com, the new five story vertical course's entrance will be located in Destiny USA's Canyon section near Texas de Brazil, but it will rise several levels into the space above. This obstacle course will be the first one in the US! The developers have plans to open others over the next two years, but have had success with the model in Europe, with zero accidents.

Credit: Destiny USA
Credit: Destiny USA

Trombi’s Tower will present five stages in the obstacle course, enclosed by a giant, wraparound slide and transparent walls. Each stage displays different play elements that challenge children’s cognitive and physical skills. While completing the obstacle course, children accumulate points and can even compete with each other. The rankings are displayed on a large screen at the course as well as on Trombi’s Tower’s website. Once children have completed the obstacle course, they slide down a wraparound slide.

The tower will hold 30 kids ages 5 through 12 at a time and be accessible to children with disabilities.

Another cool part about it? Maybe you have to get some shopping done at the mall but do not want to bring the kids along. The course can also be used as a drop-off service, according to Destiny. It will have cameras installed throughout so parents can monitor their kids on a secure live stream.

Photos will be available after the kids are done.

HOW FUN DOES THIS SOUND!!!!! According to Destiny, it should be opening in August.

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