The movie being filmed need specific cars for filming, and not all of them are super uncommon cars. So maybe your car could be in a movie.

The movie being filmed is titled "I Love My Dad", it's being described as a dark comedy that will commence the filming process sometime in the middle of this month. The coolest part is that you literally could see your car on the big screen for it.

Now, sure.. I get it, many movies probably do this. But, how many of those movies are seeking a car like an early 2000's Nissan Pathfinder. Or a Toyota 4Runner. These aren't vehicles that would typically wow a crowd. However, you have to think about it this way. Those cars are slowly aging themselves off of the roadways, so they are harder to find.

Here is a list of what says the producers are looking for.

  • A 2018 or newer SUV
  • A classic 1976 Ford Mustang-type vintage car
  • A 1970s or 80s wooden panel station wagon, 240 Volvo wagon, or a Volkswagen Rabbit
  • An early 2000s Toyota 4 Runner or Nissan Pathfinder as “hero car”

The only caveat they have is that they don't want a plain jane vehicle, they want ones that have a color and are not black or white.

If you have one of these and are interested, here is their email and you can send them a photo. No mention of what they would or if they will be paying to use the cars. I would sure hope they are.

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