It was about a month ago, Marcy residents reported coyote's attacking their pets. Then was mating season, now the NY Department of Environmental Conservation warns residents the pups will be coming over the next few weeks. And more problems may come with the warmer temperatures.

Coyotes will begin establishing dens for raising the pups, making them very territorial. Following the birth, coyotes will increase their foraging areas in search of food for the extra mouths. Many of the animals reside in suburban areas, and while they try to avoid human contact, it can and does happen.

The DEC offers these tips on minimizing the chance of a coyote encounter:

  • Don't feed pets outside
    Make garbage inaccessible
    Fence or enclose compost piles
    Eliminate the availability of bird seed
    Don't allow pets to run free
    Remove brush and tall grass to reduce protective cover

If you do have an encounter with a coyote, the DEC suggests you be aggressive in behavior, stand tall, and hold arms out to look large. If it doesn't run off, make loud noises, wave your arms, and throw sticks and stones.

If you think a fence is necessary, it should be taller than 4 feet with at least 6 inches of it buried in the ground. The DEC website has more tips on reducing coyote encounters.

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