A coyote was spotted 'acting strangely' and reportedly chased a man.

Scott Suba says he spotted a coyote acting strangely along the Eric Canal Trail, between Barnes Avenue in Utica and Lock 20 in Marcy.

Scott posted the following warning on Facebook: "To anyone, running, walking or biking Erie Canal bike path, there is a Coyote that has been spotted and has been behaving strangely during daylight hrs. It has been following people, even chasing a man who was walking to go fishing and DEC has been notified. Spotted in the area between Barnes Ave and lock 20 in Marcy. Be safe and if you see this animal contact sherrifs office and they will pass info to the DEC."

The direct number for the DEC handling this is 315-408-7179.

Take extra caution when along the canal trail, and when walking with pets. Report any sighting to the DEC or local authorities.

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