What looks like a coyote was spotted out in broad daylight in Sherrill, wandering through yards.

Erin Curro posted a picture of the animal on Facebook, saying is was spotted on Primo Avenue.

Several commenters expressed concerns at the animal, which does not appear to me a dog, prowling the neighborhood in broad daylight.

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Erica says "I knew something might migrate through there cause other cats were going missing but I thought maybe in the woods. Not like right next to my house." Some have suggested this coyote could be responsible for the disappearance of a cat named 'Mitty', that went missing and was never found.

Wildlifehotline.org says its actually not unusual for a coyote to be out during the day. "Coyotes and foxes will venture out during daylight hours in search of food. Both animals are opportunistic feeders, meaning they will hunt for food as the opportunity presents itself – regardless of day or night."

Coyotes have been known to prey on free-roaming cats and small dogs, but are more likely to seek out "the type of prey that will give them the greatest reward with minimal risk of injury to themselves.  As a result, their favored prey include small mammals such as rabbits, mice, rats, and squirrels, as well as human-produced food such as garbage, cat or dog food."

Coyotes are not unusual in Central New York. In 2019, a man was chased along the Erie Canal in Utica by a coyote he reported was "acting strangely."

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