Republican candidate for New York's 19th Congressional District seat Marc Molinaro visited the Utica Police Department on Tuesday.

Molinaro met with Chief Mark Williams, UPD staff and police union members to discuss issues in the community and the impact cashless bail has had on the City of Utica.

Chief Williams told Molinaro besides bail reform, “raise the age” has also been a problem.

Molinaro says when it comes to raise the age, there are adults who are using kids to commit crime, and the kids aren't held to the same prosecutional standard.

He also says state lawmakers passed criminal reforms without speaking to law enforcement, district attorney's and victims advocate groups.

“Democrats spent the last two years calling cashless bail a success. I’m not sure how a dramatic increase in violent crime constitutes success. But now it has become clear that the same individuals have heard the public's outcry and as a result they’ve gone after the lowest hanging fruit in an attempt to save themselves in November.” said Molinaro.

He says the incremental steps the legislature has taken to fixing our broken bail and discovery laws are welcome; he's been advocating for them for months. However, he says the series of extremely modest adjustments addresses only the most egregious and obvious failures in New York.

Molinaro, the Dutchess County Executive, ran unsuccessfully for New York Governor in 2018.

The 19th District congressional seat is currently held by Democrat Antonio Delgado.

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