How cool is this? No pun intended....or maybe it was.

I've actually seen these in NYC on top of some buildings and bars, like in the picture above from 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar in NYC. Well, those plastic domes are popping up in Schenectady. They are plastic "Igloos" in various sizes that give you an awesome view, while keeping you pretty comfortable on a cold winter day.

According to the article in The Daily Gazette The Shaker & Vine has installed one plastic igloo on their heated patio and plan to install more. The response has been great with a lot of people trying to make reservations to sip drinks while overlooking Mohawk Harbor.

With The Shaker & Vines heated patio the igloo stays about 60 to 70 degrees on most days. Just incase you get cold blankets are provided and so is a bluetooth speaker so you can play your own tunes. Might I suggest something from the Q1057 APP?

For more info call 518-630-6318.

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