So, if you had to guess, how many ships do you think have been gone down in the Great Lakes?
Map of Great Lakes
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Answer:  Some 6,000 vessels and 30,000 lives "have been lost traversing these fresh waterways.
Channel 2 has the story of just found wreck at the bottom of Lake Michigan.

A schooner that was recently found by happenstance in northern Lake Michigan. The find has provided closure to the 127-year-old mystery of what happened, and to a 93-year-old man who lost his great uncle when the vessel sank.

Steve Wimer II, a technical diver was called in,

"It was a perfectly intact schooner," said Wimer. "Both masts were fully upright; all the rigging on the masts was there; the bowsprit was still there; the hatches are still battened down; the cabin is fully intact with the wheel.


 The most famous and recent maritime tragedy occurred 44 years ago,
when the Edmund Fitzgerald found itself caught in a storm, ultimately sinking in Lake Superior on November 10, 1975, and killing the entire crew of 29.
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