Paul Simon has set a release date for his new album, Seven Psalms.

The seven-track LP, which is intended to be listened to as one continuous piece, will be released on May 19, more than four years since Simon first began working on the project.

"On Jan. 15, 2019, I had a dream that said 'You're working on a piece called Seven Psalms,'" Simon explained in a trailer for the album. "The dream was so strong that I got up and I wrote it down. But I had no idea what that meant. Gradually, information would come."

You can watch the trailer below.

Simon said that he would wake up often in the early hours of the morning with lyrics in his head. He eventually started piecing together the songs. "This is a journey for me to complete," he noted. "This whole piece is really an argument I'm having with myself about belief or not."

Seven Psalms, which was produced by Simon and Kyle Crusham, was recorded entirely on acoustic instruments, mostly performed by Simon. There are also choral elements from the British vocal ensemble VOCES8, plus a vocal appearance by singer-songwriter (and Simon's wife) Edie Brickell.

The album, which is now available for preorder, will be available on vinyl, CD and digital platforms. You can see the track listing below.

Paul Simon, 'Seven Psalms,' Track Listing
1. "The Lord"
2. "Love Is Like a Braid"
3. "My Professional Opinion"
4. "Your Forgiveness"
5. "Trail of Volcanoes"
6. "The Sacred Harp"
7. "Wait"

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