The Boston Red Sox have already waived the white flag on the 2020 but don't tell that to Sox pitcher Robert Stock's wife Sara. Mrs. Stock not only hilariously shut down a Twitter troll going after her man BUT she also let him know he better pitch better.

Twitter user Aaron Kessler said "I implore you all to put on the Red Sox game, they have this dude Robert Stock pitching, and he looks like he's twice-divorced and completely given up on life. I can't stop watching him. It's transfixing."

Pretty funny Tweet from Kessler, but Mrs Stock was way funnier:

Sara Stock's Tweet was an instant classic and if I'm Robert I'm making sure she's joking but I would love it. Everyone in the office agreed this was a great Tweet but Goz and a few others offered up some other historically great sports wife public displays of "affection"

Jessie James Decker, wife of former NFL Wide Reciever Eric Decker. Back in October of 2012, Decker's then-girlfriend and country music singer Jessie James came to her man's defense after a Twitter user thought maybe "Too much sex? #WeakLegs" was the reason he tripped on his way to a touchdown. James responded by saying, “What do u expect? He has 3 of them.”

Who can forget now Buffalo Bills' Wide Reciever Cole Beasley's wife Kyrstin? Back in October of 2015, Beasley was a member of the Dallas Cowboys. After a fumble against the New York Giants, the Twitter trolls came after both Cole and his wife Kyrstin. Mrs Beasley defended her husband with every word in the book and maybe a few she invented. The Dallas Morning News shared edited versions of Kyrstin's Tweets HERE. She apologized but to be honest I feel this one should be filed under "Don't start nothin and there won't be nothin."

Who am I forgetting? Who are your favorite sports wives and why?

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