We're used to all different kinds of wing sauce: Mild, Medium, BBQ, Garlic Parm, Everything. Some flavors are spicy, some are sweet. There's plenty of different flavors of wing sauce to choose from, but a pizza shop in Herkimer thinks otherwise and is adding a new one to their menu. Is it odd, or extraordinary?

Reversed chicken wings. What????

Like, bone on the outside, meat on the inside? No, not quite.

It's the newest concept that Enzo's Pizza at 48 North Main Street is offering to customers. It was added the menu after a friend gave them the idea, and they loved it so much they even named it after him.

Instead of getting your wings tossed in one of your favorite sauces, it's tossed in blue cheese. Then, instead of dipping your wings in blue cheese, you dip it in your favorite sauce.

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Voilà, reversed chicken wings. Or as Enzo's calls them, "Chester Style."

Enzo's has their fair share of other flavors too: Mild, Medium, Hot BBQ, Butter Garlic, Spicy Garlic, Parm, Caribbean Jerk, Old Bay, Funk, Blazing, Spicy BBQ, Spicy Ranch, Honey BBQ, Habanero Mango, Gold BBQ, and Everything. But Chester Style seems to peek my interest the most.

To be honest, I think this is genius. I always lather up my wings in more blue cheese anyway, so this seems more fitting for someone like me.

What are your thoughts on Chester Style wings? Are you willing to give them a shot? Let us know inside our station app.

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