A story involving fireworks and a bachelor party out of Syracuse is making the rounds on the internet. Is the story real, or fake?

The story called "Syracuse Groom’s Genitals Blown Off By Best Man After Firework Explodes" was posted on Foxnews-US. Since being posted, it's making the rounds on Facebook:

A Syracuse man was rushed to hospital with horrific groin injuries and burns after a bottle rocket firework that was taped to his genitals exploded.

Emergency services were called to the scene at 6:40 p.m Saturday, according to Walter Williams, a spokesman for the local Fire Rescue.

Witnesses stated, the men were all celebrating a bachelor party, when the night took a tragic turn for the worst. “It was just another prank we were playing on the groom, we had seen it done on youtube, we thought it would be really funny” said one of the men attending the party. “The best man blindfolded the groom and then taped the bottle rocket to his p***s before lighting it. There was a large bang, the next thing I know he was on the ground screaming and everyone was panicking”"

The story sounds legit, but sadly is Fake News. Hoax Alert decided to dish the truth on the story:

Were the genitals of a groom from Syracuse (New York) blown off by a bottle rocket taped to them by the best man during a bachelor party? No, that's not real: the horrible story was posted by a fake news website imitating the style and domain name of Fox News but it is not real. The site is part of a larger network of sites run by a man who likes to invent tales about bizarre accidents and weird crimes, presumably to make some money off advertising when they go viral. The story is false."

Still funny, and seems like it could be legit.


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