An ice fishing trip went horribly wrong in upstate New York when a truck fell through the ice. It happened just east of Long Point State Park, near Three Mile Bay.

Dodge Cummings Salvage was called to pull the truck out after it sunk. The men had to  cut a large hole in the ice before one dove down to attach ropes and air bags to the vehicle. I've been in the St Lawrence River in May and it was COLD. Even with a wet suit on. I can't even imagine how cold it was in March. That's one brave man.

After the ropes and air bags were set, the truck was reeled into shore.

Photo Credit - YouTube via Ed Duda3
Photo Credit - YouTube via Ed Duda3

Note to self - when ice fishing, don't take your vehicle onto the ice. Better yet....don't go ice fishing!

Watch the chilly salvage operation below.

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