We've all experienced this scenario. It's a brutally cold morning and when you wake up and peek out the window, you don't see any snow or frost and so you take your sweet time getting ready for work. You take a long, hot shower and treat yourself to an extra cup of coffee because you've got time. After all, you don't have to scrape your windshield and you're going to savor every second of staying in the warmth.

Have you ever heard of Murphy's Law? Murphy's Law basically states that "anything that can go wrong, will." And that's what happens on those cold mornings when you take your sweet time getting up and out the door.

You know exactly what I'm talking about. You go out to your car and suddenly your day goes from relaxing to chaotic because you've discovered that while there might not be snow or frost on the ground or grass, somehow there's ice on the windows of your car and you need to get it off right away because you took your time and now you don't have any left.

The next time that this happens to you before you let panic set in, reach into your backseat or your trunk and grab your spray bottle. Which one? The one you're going to make after I tell you about this window defrosting tip.

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My father-in-law is the one who clued me into this trick to quickly defrost ice over windows. Pour some Prestone De-Icer into a spray bottle and keep it in your car. On the days you don't have time to scrape or wait for the car defroster to clear the windows, grab your spray bottle, spray the solution all over your windows, wait about 60 seconds and then turn on your windshield wipers. Your windows will be totally clear.

I should mention that if you have ice on your windows covered by snow, you should sweep the snow off and then use the spray-  it'll work much faster.

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