You can soon hold and feed a kangaroo at a new 'Down Under' petting zoo coming to New York.

Interact with some of Australia's most unique animals at 'Niagara County Down Under,' a unique petting zoo along the Wine Trail in Niagara County. Laura Kagels, who owns 12 kangaroos hopes to be open sometimes in the spring.

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"We're going to allow people right in with them to hold and feed the babies," Kagels tells WKBW.

Niagara County Down Under isn't your typical zoo with 9 to 5 hours. Kagels plans to offer private tours once she gets the proper insurance. She's also holding fundraisers for Australia after the devastating fires and will donate a portion of proceeds from admissions and the store all year long.

Get more details at Niagara County Down Under on Facebook and see the adorable kangaroos for yourself.

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