The New York Power Authority could wrap up summer 2020 early on Hinckley Lake by closing its boat launch at the Hinckley Dam and Reservoir.

This will be closed on Monday, August 17th, due to low water levels that make conditions unsafe for boat launching.

The New York Power Authority does report that the nearby canoe and kayak launch area will remain open. The Power Authority will continue to monitor the reservoir until the water depth returns to safe levels for launching, at which point the reopening of the boat launch will be announced.

The Rome Sentinel reports that The Hinckley Reservoir was constructed by the state and completed in 1915 to supply water to the Erie Canal. It's owned by the state under the jurisdiction of the Canal Corporation.

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Where In Central New York To Launch A Boat

According to the DEC, here's a list of all boat launch locations for Oneida County in CNY:

Oneida County
Chittning Pond - Located on Route 20, 4.3 miles west of Bridgewater. Unimproved
trailer launch. 20 cars and trailers, 5 cars. (D)
Delta Lake - On Route 46, 6 miles north of Rome in Delta Lake State Park. Hard
surface ramp. 70 cars and trailers. (315) 337-4670 (P)
Fish Creek (West Branch) - From Route 13 in Westdale to Cemetery Road. Access
site is before bridge. Hand launch. 10 cars. (D)
Forestport Reservoir - From Alder Creek, follow Route 28 north for 2¼ miles. Turn
left on River Road and access site is .12 miles on the right. Hand launch. 5 cars. (D)
Little Long Lake - From Alder Creek, follow Route 28 north for 11 miles. Turn left
on Bentliff Road, then left on Round Lake Road/Route 63. After ½ mile, take right
on Long Lake Road. After 1 mile, access is located at the intersection of Long Lake
Road & Capron Road. Hand launch. 5 cars. (D) 4
Mohawk River/Erie Canal - See large waters listing.
Oneida Lake - See large waters listing.

You can check out the full list for more info.


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