Even though visitors are not allowed at The Wild Animal Park right now because of COVID-19 restrictions, the animals inside still need to be fed. And when you have a full park full of hungry animals, that can get expensive.

You can now adopt your favorite animal from the park to support them through the pandemic. Adoptions are $50, and you'll get a stuffed animal, an adoption certificate, a picture of the animal you choose, and some information to help you learn more about your animal until you can go visit them in person!

The Wild Animal Park has 38 animals available for adoption, from Kiara the tiger and Aladdin the camel to Popcorn the zebra and Tank the tortoise. You can even check out all of their adorable pictures before you make your decision. Every cent of your $50 donation will go to caring for the animal you choose.

Find more information and adopt your animal on The Wild Animal Park's website.

The park is also raising money for their animals by selling 'I Stand With the Wild' merchandise on their Facebook page. The designs can come on t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, or hoodies, and also come in youth sizes.

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Other zoos in central New York have been forced to adapt during the coronavirus pandemic, including Fort Rickey and the Utica Zoo.

Fort Rickey started animal sponsorships where, in a similar fashion to The Wild Animal Park, donors can sponsor one of the zoo's many animals. This sponsorship is $25 a month, and in return, you'll get seasonal updates on your animal, including exclusive videos sent right to your phone. Learn more on Fort Rickey's website.

The Utica Zoo is offering animal encounters to spice up Zoom calls while you're working from home. You can bring a zookeeper and animal of your choice onto a call for 10 minutes for $35. Find more information and book your wild visitor on the Utica Zoo's website.

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