Rochester's Genesee Brewery is producing a beer dedicated to Watkins Glen International race track, and you can help name the ale.

The folks behind the iconic Genny Cream Ale say the new concoction will be a light, crisp ale. It will be available on tap this summer at Watkins Glen International and at certain New York State bars and restaurants. Fans can vote for one of these five options or cast a write-in vote through the website set up by Genesee Brewery to gather your votes and suggestions:

-Esses Ale: In honor of the Glen’s famed S curves and grandstand
-Guardrail Ale: Named for the Glen’s distinctive blue railing
-Bogladyte Blonde: To honor the denizens of the famed Bog
-Road Course Ringer Ale: For those racers that turn right and left
-Bus Stop Blonde: In reference to the Glen’s famed chicane (an artificial narrowing or turn on a road or auto-racing course)

Beer lovers who are 21 or older can vote online here or visit @GeneseeBrewery on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to cast their vote and/or submit their own suggestion.

My personal write-in idea: Open-Wheel Ale.

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