We're just under four weeks away from Halloween and if you have looked around at any store, you probably would have guessed that.

Here in New York State, it's full on spooky mode as people gear up for pumpkin patch trips, hayrides, apple picking and visiting haunted houses.

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New York has a long history of haunted establishments. Most of the landmarks are buildings or cemeteries. The buildings range from abandoned asylums to old factories, to even ghost towns. Cemeteries, such as Sleepy Hollow and Goodleburg (in Western New York), get plenty of attention as well.

But what about a haunted restaurant? That is something you definitely do not see every day.

There appears to be one in the upper portion of New York State.

New York Upstate dot com recently covered some haunted establishments in New York State (2020) and one of the landmarks was a restaurant called Spanky's Diner.

Spanky's Diner is located in Massena, NY and the reason it's said to be haunted is because of its extremely close proximity to a local graveyard.

According to the story, patrons and workers have a sense they are not alone. Windows closing, doorknobs turning all by itself, and machines turn on and off without any assistance.

There are even human noises that can be heard by those who have spent time in the diner.

The diner has a loyal following of locals in the area and serves up awesome food. It's that classic diner feel and look, with perhaps some extra hands on from spirits who call the diner home.

If I was a ghost, this is definitely where I would spend much of my time -- at an awesome diner.

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