There's something about pizza places - when you find your favorite, you stick with it. For some, it appears as though their favorite has closed their doors.

The Italian Chef on Genesee Street in New Hartford has occupied their corner location for several years - offering charbroiled wings, pizza, and other Italian specialities.

Sometime within the past week, the restaurant closed it's doors - and hasn't reopened. Looking through the windows, you can still see the logo, and the large Italian chef statue standing on the counter - but the ovens are dark, and the door is locked.

A note on the door reads: "closed till further notice" with a number listed to call "for info." When we tried to call the pizzeria itself, we repeatedly received an "all circuits are busy, please try again" message.

We reached out to the Italian Chef via Facebook, but have yet to receive a response.

Is Italian Chef closed for good (as some on Facebook have suggested) or is this a temporary closure? 

If you have any further information, please contact

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