I have noticed everyone seems to have a very strong opinion on where the best Riggies can be found. I have a feeling your spot will be on the list.

Only in Your State posted up a list a few years back that names the top nine places to obtain some heavenly chicken Riggies. I will be completely upfront and honest with you. I have not had Riggies at any of these locations. I just moved to CNY 2 weeks ago and haven't done a lot of adventuring yet. But, all of these places have been mentioned to me in a very opinionated matter.

Now, I have come to the consensus that Bella Regina is the top of the heap when it comes to a comforting bowl of Chicken Riggies. The list from Only in Your State verifies that. Here is the list!

  1. Bella Regina in Utica
  2. Chesterfield's Tavolo in Utica
  3. Teddy's in Rome
  4. Babes at Harbor Point in Utica
  5. Venice Pizzaria in Yorkville
  6. 69 Steakhouse in Whitesboro
  7. Georgio's Village Cafe in New Hartford
  8. Pastabilities in Syracuse
  9. The Vigneto Restaurant in Rome

I have heard the most remarks about as noted above Bella Regina, but I also have heard amazing reviews on Teddys in Rome. I feel like those are the places I really need to make it a point to devour first. But it sounds like I won't be upset if I go to any of the 9 listed above. The question is, is this list accurate?

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