New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo was considering running for President in the 2020 election.

Newsday reports that Gov. Cuomo was in discussions this fall about running for President of the United States. He was considering a run, pending former Vice President Joe Biden dropped out of the race. Cuomo was having these discussions before New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, said he was considering a run.

According to Newsday, Gov. Cuomo looked to run once friend and political ally Biden were dropping in Democratic primary debates. This led to a conversation about a potential presidential run among Cumo and advisors, both current and former.

However, Cuomo did not pursue a presidential run for the 2020 election once Biden saw a surge in polls. According to Newsday, the plan for Cuomo to enter the 2020 presidential race is done. It is reported that this is not completely closed for the future.

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