In news that will doubtless prompt a double take from anyone who's ever read or listened to Gene Simmons' thoughts on drugs, the Kiss co-founder has added "corporate cannabis executive" to his résumé.

Specifically, Simmons has reportedly accepted the role of "Chief Evangelist Officer" at Invictus, a publicly traded corporation described as "a Canadian cannabis, vaporizer and fertilizer producer." If that sounds like a figurehead position, it might actually be a little more involved: Simmons' responsibilities at his new gig include "providing marketing counsel, serving as a spokesperson in the media, public appearances and participation in the company’s annual general meeting and investor meetings, among others."

Simmons' arrival was heralded in a press release by Invictus chairman and CEO Dan Kriznic, who lauded his new hire as "a branding and merchandising genius" and predicted he would "lead marketing initiatives that will help spread the positive messages that dwell at the heart" of the company.

"Values and family are very important to me, and when I first connected with Dan at Invictus, I understood immediately that we enjoyed a shared passion for these key life foundations," added Simmons. "Instead of launching straight into business, we talked about the things that matter the most."

Invictus is just one of several new ventures Simmons appears poised to roll out. Elsewhere in the press release announcing his work with the company, it's mentioned that he's planning to publish a new magazine, iMOGU, which will publish stories about "entrepreneurs who matter"; additionally, he's prepping the roll-out of a "premium soda line," MoneyBag Sodas, which is set to be sold at 7-Eleven.

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