Many Utica residents are posting stories on Facebook claiming to catch local scammers in the streets of Utica asking for money. 

One local resident, Joe, posted about spotting an alleged scammer on the corner of John Street and Oriskany Street in Utica. The individual claimed to be a veteran, but reportedly that wasn't the case:

When I asked him who he served with he could not give me a straight answer. He finally admitted he was not a Vet. He along with the others on that corner work together in shifts. Please not give these scammers money."

Some have posted that these alleged scammers are often found on Burrstone Road near old Burrstone. Some have also reported spotting this team at the New Hartford Walmart and Utica one as well.

If you find this reported team of people, do not donate your money. Feel free to contact UPD if you are suspicious of someone.



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