The community in Boonville is hoping HGTV will makeover Main Street after a massive fire. Their plea is getting some help from a retired wrestler.

The January 7th blaze in the heart for Boonville, turned Main Street into a pile of rubble. Residents were evacuated. Homes and businesses were lost. But hope was not.

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HGTV's upcoming series Home Town Takeover helps communities revitalize the place they call home. Boonville is hoping to be one of those towns and made a video to show why they deserved it. "I am hoping it will capture the hearts of the producers at HGTV so they have no other choice than to select our village," said Nicole Pitt who created the touching video.

It captured the heart of Bobby Blaze, a former WWF wrestler who retweeted the plea to #ChooseBoonville, not once but several times to his nearly 160,000 followers.

Here's hoping HGTV does #ChooseBoonville for a Hometown Takeover. Join Bobby Blaze, and keep sharing on social media.

"Just the thought of being selected is bringing a lot of hope to our community," said Pitt.

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