Is your house in need of an 'Extreme Makeover'? Well, HGTV is looking for you.

Back in 2008, HGTV staged an 'Extreme Makeover' in Geneva - completely redoing a house for one lucky family. Now, they're doing it again.

According to Country Living, HGTV is searching for "people who deserve a new place to live and who have uplifting, inspirational stories that must be told." They hope to find families who give back to their communities, despite their own personal challenges.

You don't even need to be a homeowner to apply. The HGTV website says applications are open to renters or to people that might be interested in relocating.

Credit: Screengrab
Credit: Screengrab

If you're interested in applying, or you know a family who fits the bill, you'll need to send in photos of the family and of their current residence and include a 2-minute video to tell the family’s story. You can get all the details and apply on their WEBSITE.

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